Frequently asked questions

How do you perform surveys?

There are 3 ways to do it::

The first and best is by going directly to the residence, where the service would take place, to talk to you and see the amount of items you wish to send, then we will be able to offer an exact quote based on weight and volume.

The second one, is to contact you by phone, so you can tell us room by room which items you are planning to take and then we can calculate a quote.

The third one, is you send us a detailed list of the items you want to move so we can calculate the estimated volume / weight and give you a quote.

Does surveys have an additional cost?

No way, the survey is free of charge.

How long will it take to have quote from the survey ready?

We promise to have your quote within 24 hours if the survey wasn’t done on weekends.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes, we offer full risk insurance, we have the best international insurance companies.

How to proceed with the insurance list?

You will be provided with an insurance form or you can make your own list, declaring the desired value of each item, at the end you give a total value.

Which items are forbidden?

International services (import and export), shall not include:
* Food of any kind.
* Drinks (Wine & Spirits)
* Detergents
* Money (not even collectable pieces)
* Jewelry
* Drugs and vitamins
* Paints or other solvents
* Any items not appropriate as household items
* Knives and firearms, munitions, explosives, drugs, pornography, live animals or dissected and skins / fur items.
* Original boxes of any item
* Flammable items
For more information on these and other items please communicate your concerns to our staff, restrictions may vary from country to country.

Do you import/export cars?

Yes, as long as the documents are in order and the customs requirements are full filled. Please ask us to give you more details, there are some customs law restrictions.

How do you protect my fragile items?

Our packaging materials are top quality, depending on the item to be protected we can use polipack, cardboard or if necessary a customized wooden crate. You can go to Premium Packing to see how we pack. > Premium Packing

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